Les Touches has been running as a B&B over the last 18 years. In 2021, the current owners have decided to convert the B&B into a holiday rental accommodation, to adapt to the new needs of tourists to be able to go on holiday with their loved ones, and at the same time feel that they are able to be separate from other guests. Les Touches is a family run self-catering, short term rental holiday accommodation. To be able to provide a satisfactory service to short term tenants, some terms and conditions are in place to ensure their stay is as enjoyable and safe as possible. This also informs tenants about what to expect once they arrive. All tenants are kindly asked to read the rental contract, prior to confirming their booking on our website and to do so even if their booking is through, Air BnB or Abritel.


Check in starts at 17:00hrs and ends at 18:59hrs.

As you arrive through the gravel driveway, continue straight forward, there are 3 dedicated tenants’ parking spaces. Prior to 17:00hrs, there is no one scheduled to proceed with check-in, as the owners or housekeeper may be offsite.

If guests request an earlier check-in, this will be upon request only, by sending an email directly to

Early check-in is dependent on availability, as previous tenants may have paid for a later check-out on the date of your arrival. Earlier check-ins are subject to a minimal additional fee of €15 per hour, which will be payable in prior to arrival. Unless you have paid for an earlier check-in and have a confirmation email, saying that earlier check-in is confirmed, check-in will start at 17:00. Later check-outs are upon requests only at time of booking and subject to €15 per hour and availability of subcontracted cleaning lady.

Les Touches cannot accommodate for early check-in requests, prior to 14:00hrs. Cleaning of the self-catering rental accommodation and garden maintenance is being carried out earlier and the property needs to be vacant at that time. Arrangements for earlier check-in should be made a minimum of 7 days prior to arrival.

Kindly consider that with the COVID19 pandemic, cleaning may take longer, and airing the accommodation whilst it is vacant is the safe and right thing to do. Hence, it is probably that if there have been tenants leaving on the morning of your arrival, earlier check-in will not be feasible.

Please note that if you think you are potentially not able to arrive prior to 18hr59, let us know prior to confirming your booking and paying your deposit, by sending an email to . After 18:59, the owners or housekeeper are not available and a self-checking will take place. Once you have informed that you are unable to arrive between 17:00hr to 18:59, an email will be sent to you, for arrangements for the keys and reading of the electric metre. At the time of booking confirmation, you will be requested to provide your estimated arrival time.


Upon booking, all our guests are required to provide accurate information, regarding names, telephone numbers, including country dial in, residential addresses and email addresses. Note that for all guests not residing in France, the latter information should be provided in accordance with the current French legislation requirements (article R.611-42 of the code of Entry and Stay of Aliens and the right of Asylum). When bookings are being made directly on Les Touches website, the information on our booking forms will be confidential and retained by Les Touches, our reservation system software supplier and payment system software supplier, but should not be communicated to any third party, unless if required by the French authorities.


Check-out is at 10:00am.

We often have subcontracted staff scheduled to start cleaning at 10:00am. Check out later than 10:00 hours will be upon request only and subject to a minimal additional fee of €15 per hour, which will be paid to our subcontracted cleaning staff for additional time spent on site.


All cancellations will involve a minimum cancellation fee of €25.

Cancellations within 14 days of arrival, will be non-refundable.

Cancellations should be notified by the person who has made the booking, in writing, using the same email address provided at the time of booking. No cancellation will be processed unless the request has been made in writing, for instance a telephone will not suffice. Refund will be processed within 7 to 14 days of written request.


Pets are not allowed. Some of the tenants coming here may be allergic, therefore, even if we are ourselves animal lovers, we do not accommodate pets in the short-term holiday let.


There are children running around on the grounds, who may not be clearly visible, due to their height. We ask all parents to be extra vigilant and their children should always be accompanied by them when they are outside, as there may be vehicles coming in and out of the driveway at any time.

We ask drivers to be extra cautious at all time, to drive slowly within the premises, especially when reversing.

3 dedicated tenants’ parking spaces are free of charge (at the end of the driveway, facing the garden/hills) near the barn door. Please refrain from parking in the driveway or at the back of the barn, as this may restrict other vehicles from turning around. Caravans are not allowed.

The owners of Les Touches will take no liability in case of any damage or loss of vehicles parked on the premises.


Smoking is not allowed anywhere within the accommodation, as per our website and the online agents we use to market our property. We have an oil tank, which is highly flammable, behind the holiday rental’s kitchen for central heating and hot water.

Smoking is allowed in the garden away from the house and the barn. Kindly dispose of your cigarettes in a considerate manner. We have put ash trays on the garden table outside and by the planter outside of the living room, for tenants to use OUTSIDE, please.

Outdoors ashtrays should be emptied by tenants in the bin with sand outside of the holiday rental, for that purpose.


We recommend that children are always accompanied by their parents, whilst outside of the rental cottage in the garden and by the swimming pool.


As soon as you enter Les Touches, in between the entrance gate and the kitchen steps, on the righthand side when you enter the property, there is an old water well. It is covered by a reinforced steel grid. However, please ensure children do not approach the well, as it is deep and potentially dangerous.

Electric fence

Our neighbours are farmers. Whenever there are cows grazing at the bottom of the garden, on the neighbour’s field, they usually put on the electric fence. We have let the grass grow taller near the bottom of the garden, to refrain our guests from approaching or touching the fence at the back or on the side of the garden, where there are the trees and bushes.

Steep ground and stream

At the bottom of the garden, there is a little stream. At the back, where there are the trees, there may be naturally steep ground on the property’s boundary.

Wood burner

There is a wood burner in the guests’ living room area. The wood burner can only be used for heating purposes (no cooking, please). If you use it, it will be hot, so always keep an eye on children whilst they are near the wood burner if it has been used.


In the Belle Vue and Colombier room, there are windows which may be accessible by children. We ask parents to ensure that children do not open them in their absence.


The key for the entrance door of the holiday rental is handed by the owner or housekeeper upon arrival.

Communal areas where the guests have free access are:

The pool and swimming pool decking area are available from 19th June 2021 to 11th September 2021 only at specified time mentioned in the SWIMMING POOL paragraph below.

The table, chairs, barbecue and sun loungers in front of the Garden room, are for private use of the tenants of the holiday rental.

The garden at the front of the holiday rental is accessible to tenants, during the specified rental contract duration.


Next to the garden room, where the ground is steep and there are stone slabs leading to a higher-level garden and patio area, this is not accessible to short term rental tenants.

The barn is NOT accessible to tenants. There are tools and chemicals within the barn, which may potentially be dangerous.

The garden at the back of the barn and behind the swimming pool decking is not accessible to tenants.



The swimming pool is not heated. The swimming pool and its decking area is accessible from 19th June 2021 to 11th September 2021, between 10:30 and 18:30.

Users of the swimming pool take the sole responsibility of their safety and any other risk of injury or life-threatening incident and that of their children, while using the swimming pool. Children should be supervised by their parents at all time whilst in the swimming pool or on the decking area, around the pool.

No diving, or throwing projectile is allowed in the pool.

No glass or sharp object are allowed on the decking or in the swimming pool, as these may cause injury to tenants who are frequently bare foot in that area or damage the lining of the swimming pool. Plastic glasses are provided in the kitchen, for tenants who wish to take refreshments by the swimming pool area.


Wifi is free of charge. There is no fibre optic installed around this area, yet. However, a booster is placed in the living room to improve the internet connection inside the property. There is 4G. The WIFI code as well as emergency numbers in France are stuck on the fridge.


There is mobile phone reception within the premises. Probably due the thickness of the stone walls, some areas have better reception than others, it seems to be the case by the swimming pool decking area.


A charge of Euros60 is taken from our short-term tenants upon arrival, for professional cleaning of the property, at the end of their stay, upon their departure.

Always use bins provided for disposal of rubbish.


  • 1 dish washer tablet per day.
  • Harpic fosse sceptic friendly toilet detergent – Please do not use any other detergents (containing bleach) for the toilet as this may cause damage to the sceptic tank’s bio environment.
  • 3 bin liners per bin for the kitchen bins
  • 1 washing machine liquid tab per day
  • Dish washing liquid.
  • New dish washing sponge.
  • Disinfectant spray.
  • 1 Kitchen roll.
  • 2 toilet rolls per bathroom.
  • Lipton tea bags
  • Coffee capsules
  • 6 standard coffee capsules
  • Sugar sachets
  • Pepper
  • Salt
  • Olive oil
  • First Aid Kit – If you use anything in the kit, kindly replace it for the next guest

For cleaning detergents, please do not put any bleach in the toilets (apart from the Harpic Fosse Sceptic provided), kitchen sink or showers. Otherwise this will cause damage to the sceptic tank of the property.



We do recycle plastic, metal, glass and paper. There is one bathroom bin for hygienic waste in each shower room and there are 2 bins in the kitchen (1 bin: paper, metal and plastic, 1 bin: glass, 1 bin: general waste).


Whilst every effort has been made to reduce the impact of noise travelling, Les Touches is a 350 years old property, and some noise might still travel. We request that short term rental tenants are considerate of the residents in neighbouring properties and the same respect is reciprocated by the neighbours. Parties are not allowed at Les Touches.


Les Touches wastewater is serviced by sceptic tank. Please DO NOT flush anything other than toilet paper down the toilet. All other items (nappies, hygienic pads, tampons etc) should be placed in the shower room bin, which is emptied daily.


We have listed a few of the main attractions within an hour or so of Les Touches, perfect for a day out with family, friends or as a couple. We have also put leaflets on site, in the paper format of this information guide with some more places of interest near Les Touches, which will hopefully make our guests enjoy their stay in the Haute Bretagne, Basse Normandie region.

Mont St Michel- UNESCO world heritage site (35 minutes away)

Aligator Bay (near Mont St Michel)

Château de Fougères

St Malo – Beaches, casino, fortified walls, Grand Aquarium of St Malo

Cancale – coastal town to enjoy oysters

Dinan – medieval town

Zoo Champrépus – nicely landscaped zoo with food outlets for coffee breaks or lunch

Ange Michel Attraction Park – just a few minutes away from us, perfect for a day out with children


The nearest hospital:

Centre Hospitalier
Place de Bretagne
50600, Saint Hilaire Du Harcouët
Tel: 02 33 79 44 44

The nearest GP:

Dr Stéphane Beroud
23 Rue Du Haut Bourg
50730 Saint Martin De Landelles
Tel: 02 33 49 21 94

The nearest petrol station:

Next to Super U
51 Rue Jean Janvier
35420, Saint-Georges-De-Reintembault

*Around the corner electric car charger in the parking next to the petrol station


Next to Super U
51 Rue Jean Janvier
35420, Saint-Georges-De-Reintembault

Nearest superette / grocery shop:

7 Rue Des Bourreliers
50730, saint-Martin-Des-Landelles

Super U
51 Rue Jean Janvier
35420, Saint-Georges-De-Reintembault

There are a variety of other bigger super markets in the nearby St-Hiliare-Du-Harcouët town (Carrefour, Lidl, aldi, Eleclerc).

Nearest boulangerie:

Lefrère P&M
9 Rue De L’Église
50730, Saint-Martin-De-Landelles

Taxi & Car breakdowns

In case of car break downs, or that a car service is required for any other reason, please find below the contact numbers of a few taxi companies:

Flora Taxi
Tel: 02 33 49 66 42

Tel: 08 99 37 08 09

Nearest garage

The nearest garage is in St-Martin-De-Landelles, Euro Repar, which is 3 minutes’ drive away. You leave Les Touches’ driveway, turn to your right and do another right, turn right at the triangular junction, you will drive over a small bridge in the direction of St Martin, the garage is literally at the entrance of the village.


13 Rue Des Bourreliers
50730, Saint-Martin-Des-Landelles
Tel: 02 3349 1604


L’Auberge Du Rocher
Le Bourg
35420, Monthault
Tel: 02 9917 1204

Le Cygne

99 Rue Waldeck Rousseau
50600, St Hilaire Du Harcouet

Tel: 02 3349 1184

Hotel Restaurant de L’Agriculture
79-81 Rue Waldeck Rousseau
50600, Saint Hilaire Du Harcouet

Tel: 02 3349 1060

69 Rue De Paris
50600, Saint Hilaire Du Harcouet

Tel: 02 3349 4827
(Pizza, pasta, French cooking, children friendly)

Hotel Restaurant Le Lion D’Or
120-122 Rue De La République
50600, Saint-Hilaire-Du-Harcouet

Tel: 02 3389 5583

L’Ardoise Restaurant
28 Place De La Motte
50600, Saint-Martin-De-Landelles